Why do I need this medicine?

Bisacodyl is used to relieve constipation. It belongs to a group of medicines called stimulant laxatives. Stimulant laxatives increase bowel movement by stimulating the muscles of the bowel.

Bisacodyl is also used for bowel cleansing before surgery or bowel examinations.

How do I take this medicine?

Take Bisacodyl exactly as directed by your doctor or according to the instructions on the label. Do not take more or less than instructed by your doctor.

Take Bisacodyl on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. It is best to take it in the evening, so as to have a bowel movement the next morning.

Swallow it whole. Do not divide, chew or crush the tablet. Do not take Bisacodyl within 1 hour of antacids, milk or other dairy products.

You may stop taking Bisacodyl when you have no more constipation.

Check with your doctor or nurse on how to take Bisacodyl if you are taking it for bowel cleansing.


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