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Ask My Pharmacist! – Online University-Led drug Enquiry (AMPOULE) Platform, Know your drugs, Ask our pharmacist.

AMPOULE is an online interactive drug enquiry platform administered through the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Pharmacy. Through AMPOULE, the public may inquire about their medications directly with pharmacists.

Our mission is to provide personalized and professional solutions to drug-related enquiries of Hong Kong citizens. AMPOULE is designed to be innovative and convenient to encourage patients to communicate with their pharmacist. By doing so, we hope to improve drug safety among our community, help patients develop a better understanding about their medications, and improve their overall health.

With multiple medications available on the market, it may be difficult to fully comprehend your medications. As drug information experts, pharmacists focus specifically on drugs and ensure the safe and appropriate use of them. Pharmacists are also dedicated to educating the public about their medications and maintaining drug safety.

Easy access through a Web-based platform

Creating an online enquiry platform provides another unique avenue for the public to seek advice about their medications and any other health related enquiries. Questions may be submitted at any time during the week making it as convenient as possible. As each individual has unique needs, each enquiry receives a specific and individual response based on the patient’s background and medical history.

AMPOULE offers a bilingual platform (Chinese and English) reaching out to Hong Kong’s diverse population as well as the regions and other citizens worldwide. The easy to navigate site creates a means for patients to submit drug related enquiries directly to a pharmacist.

Interactive and Confidential

To improve patient care, AMPOULE’s interactive environment facilitates open communication. Realizing that health issues are private and personal matters, our online platform allows the public to enquire about their medication in a secure and confidential manner. Each patient’s enquiry is given full attention to ensure quality of care.

AMPOULE Information Resource

Interesting Disease Information

By posting health and drug-related articles regularly, AMPOULE pharmacists wish to increase the awareness towards different diseases through an interesting style. We also hope to provide professional information in order to help eliminate some common misunderstandings and queries about a disease.

Wealth of Drug Information

AMPOULE offers a wealth of information that one can use as a resource to better understand their medications and disease state. Information on common medical conditions are provided in The Health Info section.

Unsure about when to take medications? AMPOULE offers information to help clarify these questions. The Tips in Drug Use section contains practical advice on when to best take medications, helpful information on warfarin, pain medications, and topical creams for everyday ailments.

Educational Videos

AMPOULE will produce educational videos to demonstrate the usage of common drug dosage forms, as well as some medication aid tools. We hope this can facilitate patients to have better understanding on their usage, and thus reduce problems due to inappropriate use of them.

Drug Enquiry Browse

AMPOULE will list out some common and interesting drug enquiries so that users can have a search on the database first for some related questions and answers, and ask their own questions in specific afterwards.

Enhancing Drug Safety through Educational Public Lectures

As part of our commitment to public education and drug safety, School of Pharmacy also hosts a series of educational public lectures focusing on the safe and proper use of medications. A wide range of topics pertinent to our local community will be discussed by prominent healthcare providers such as physicians, pharmacists and nurses. For further information regarding the lecture series as well as to view information from previous lectures, please visit us at: http://www.pharmacy.cuhk.edu.hk/1/all-events/


Strive for a better and healthier Hong Kong

To promote a healthier Hong Kong, AMPOULE maintains a professional and continuous collaboration with various sectors, including healthcare providers, other drug information development partners, as well as community organizations. As pharmacists, we are specialized in the safe and effective use of medications and are in the best position to answer any drug-related queries. If you have any questions regarding your medications, visit us and Ask Your Pharmacist!


School of Pharmacy, CUHK

Established in 1992, the formerly Department of Pharmacy (nowadays the School of Pharmacy), CUHK offers the first and the only Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Programme funded by the University Grants Committee in the Hong Kong SAR. To date, it has graduated more than 600 pharmacists, accounting for about 30% of the pharmacist work force in Hong Kong.

All teaching staff in the School of Pharmacy have acquired advanced degrees from the United Kingdom or North America, and are dedicated to challenge students with a high quality, rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment that values teamwork, leadership, and commitment to civic responsibility.

The School has an ongoing academic exchange with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and is committed to establish a few more. These exchange opportunities are expected to enrich the learning experience of the participants, an important asset in this globalized economy.

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