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Welcome to the AMPOULE enquiry system. You must accept the terms in our disclaimer in […]

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Meet My Pharmacist

Make an Appointment for Web Conference Events Every ampoule member can make an appointment to […]

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Drugs Q&A

Q1: Will Atenolol’s different production companies be the same ingredients and utility? Q2: Elders have tried to […]

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What’s New

Welcome to the new AMPOULE! Since 2009, AMPOULE Pharmacists have been answering various types of drug enquiries from the general public. The new website will not only focus on drug enquiries, but will also provide more diversified information, including drug information, health articles and also educational videos. Nowadays, people are living in an era of overflowing information and can be easily misled by ‘pseudoscience’. We hope to establish a safe and reliable platform for the general public to connect with pharmacists anytime and anywhere. By providing professional and evidence-based health and drug information, we aim to raise the public awareness towards health management and medication safety.