Drugs Q&A

Q1: Will Atenolol’s different production companies be the same ingredients and utility?

Q2: Elders have tried to take at the same time for drugs B to E, but feel dizzy, why does this happen?

Q3: Allopurinol and Colchicine are both for treating gout, what are the ingredients and effects of them? I heard that colchicine is for treating acute gout, and you should stop taking if you have no pain, and should chage to taking Allopurinol to control the disease, is this true? And What are the side effects for the two drugs? Can the two drugs be taken at the same time?

Q4: Is antihistamine a steroid?It also has a ring structure.

Q5: My wife has knee pain. Doctor prescribed diclofenac sodium slow release tab 100 mg and pantoprazole (socium sesquihydrate) tab 20 mg, what are their composition and use? What are the side effects? Since taking the drugs have adverse effects to the stomach, are there other newer or more moderate drugs instead?

Q6: Can I take Lysozyme and ibuprofen for sore throat?

Q7: Hello, when I get a cold and see a doctor, I often receive these two drugs. Sometimes only piriton 4mg (dose 1 to 1.5 tab), but sometimes actifed (half to 1 tab) plus piriton (1 tablet) taken together. What is the difference for efficacy? Any side effects for each? Thanks. Moreoever, any difference in the strength? Why sometimes taken together and sometimes just one of them? Thanks.

Q8: Is Trajenta a medicine to control blood sugar?

Q9: Hello. What is the role of glucosamine sulphate and its side effects? What is the difference between this drug and glucosamine hydrochloride? Are there any effects to the stomach? Will Diabetic patients have raised blood sugar after taking it? Thank you!

Q10: What’s the difference between Aluminium / Magnesium Hydroxide and Simethicone Tablet and FAMOTIDINE TAblet. 20mg?

Q11: Valtensin Tablets 80mg Valsartan is printed on the box. What medicine is this? Is it for cardiomyopathy? or blood pressure? If it is blood pressure medicine? What are the side effects?

Q12: Hospital doctors recommend to go to the community pharmacies to buy CIALIS 20 mg. Want to ask for the drug effect, efficacy, dosage and side effects etc. Does it need to be taken long-term just when required? Will the side effects affect normal sex life? Will taking long-term lead to impotence and other issues?